Our story begins with a little boy, growing up far away from home. Longing for the true flavours of Vietnam, he has sparked a dedication to mastering the art of traditional Vietnamese cooking. With seasoned years of experience within the restaurant industry, he has embarked on a passionate journey to bring the taste of Vietnam to the masses.

Here at Dzô, we're all about keeping it real. From our steaming bowls of aromatic Phở and our crispy, flavour-packed Bánh Mì to our popular Vietnamese ‘phin’ coffee, we take pride in offering a specially curated menu that stays true to the rich culinary heritage of Vietnam, prepared using highest quality fresh ingredients ethically sourced from local UK farms. 
So, whether you're an experienced foodie or exploring new tastes, come join us for a meal that's as authentic as it gets. At Dzô, we're serving up a slice of Vietnam with a side of smiles.

Welcome to the Dzô family!

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